Official Photo of Romantic Women's Fiction Author Delise Torres

Hi, I’m Delise Torres, a Puerto Rican author of romantic women’s fiction residing in Germany.  Currently, I’m in the middle of revisions for my second novel, THE SINGULARITY OF COOKIES, in hopes of landing a literary agent and be traditionally published.

My story ideas stem from daydreams triggered by the question, “What would it be like?”

Through my novels, I want to explore relationships in all their facets, especially those that are outside my realm of experience – those toxic, messy, confusing ones – and try to understand them and empathize with the people involved.

When not writing you can find me being a new mom, practicing yoga, meditating, singing, visiting new places, learning new things, reading, and watching movies and TV shows.

Check out my blog for posts related to writing, surviving in Germany, Puerto Rico, and sources of inspiration. You can also read my two short stories, THE JEALOUSY GAME, and SINGLE, NOT ALONE.

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