Pulling Me Back In

Pulling Me Back In Cover

Gwen Prescott had her life figured out by the age of eight: she would work as a museum curator and marry her best friend, Jeff Crawford. There was nothing Gwen wouldn’t do for Jeff. She lost her virginity to him, defied her parents when they tried to keep them apart, put up with Jeff sleeping around, and almost gave up her dream college to run away with him. And in return, Jeff refused to take her with him and left her behind, never contacting her again.

Now twenty-four, Gwen has a loving, devoted boyfriend and a new job as a gallery curator in NYC. She’s convinced her love for Jeff was only an illusion; an unhealthy fixation fueled by hormones and adolescent fantasies. But when a photo of Jeff in the New York Times stirs past feelings, she’s forced to admit to her boyfriend—and herself—that she’s still not over Jeff. The breakup that follows makes Gwen begin to question whether she can be happy with anyone but Jeff.

Gwen lies to everyone close to her about the real reason for the breakup—afraid of what they might think—and tries to move on, finding solace in her work. When a chance encounter puts Jeff in her path, the pull she always felt for him—that need she could never fight or quite define—takes over, and she reverts to the girl she used to be. Unless Gwen can finally be honest about her feelings and risks letting others see her for who she really is, she’ll never break free from the past and be able to have fulfilling relationships—with Jeff or anyone else.